Friday, November 7, 2008

At the hospital in Arganda is only a gynecologist for 60 patients

Las consultations of this specialty will flow to the Gregorio Marañón.La gynecologist had to attend to 60 patients Monday día.El some patients rebelled and put claims. Minuteca all about: Arganda The consultations are to derive Marañón. The hospital in Arganda (Hospital del Sureste) was only yesterday with a gynecologist to meet an average of 60 women a day, according to the union yesterday denounced the Madrid assembly of Health (SAS). The service of gynecology and obstetrics center "should be provided with 13 professionals, however, has never had more than eight," according to SAS. The hospital justifies the situation by the "restructuring of the service" In recent weeks had resigned their appointments five gynecologists because they "did not bear their working conditions." Apparently, most of the day "there was only a doctor on duty, when the WHO sets a minimum of two." The situation was so tense that on Monday some patients rebelled and put a claim because it only had a doctor and the other was low. Some of them took three hours waiting. Yesterday, the service was reduced to only one doctor. The hospital, who refused to say how many gynecologists have said yesterday that the emergency serves, but "consultations are passed in the Marañón" and justifies the situation by "the restructuring of the service."

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