Saturday, November 1, 2008

The City Council calls for the urgent convening of the Health Council Area

  • The City Council of Avila has asked the urgent convening of the Health Council Area of Avila, who has not met since February 2007, by the chaos of the Service Oncology Hospital Our Lady of Sonsoles. "I think it's a very serious problem and I feel like myself," said the mayor, Miguel Angel Garcia Nieto, referring to the problems encountered since he was stopped the only oncologist in the three assigned to Avila who attended the service and the situation that has been forced to travel to Salamanca to more than 60 people to receive their treatments and that has led to the mobilization of patients and relatives. The service is now cared for by doctors at the Clinical Hospital of Salamanca to Avila who move only in the afternoon, and the alderman has said that "of course" that has stuck "punch on the table for this to be resolved" and to urge the Castilla y Leon to resolve it. So what has been said Garcia Nieto, who has said that the request to convene "urgently" the Area Health Council has already been completed. What has assured questions on the full municipal spokesman of the Socialist, Mercedes Martin, who has highlighted the "serious situation" that the patients are suffering from cancer and that "this chaos is not reached within fifteen days, it takes months of idleness and inefficiency. " "It is unacceptable that cancer patients to the incompetence of those who have to ensure efficient management will make their situation more difficult," added the councilor.

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