Sunday, November 16, 2008

The deadline for submitting amendments to be extended until 25

The secretary of Regional Policy, Mar Moreno, said that reform of the text will be fine if the PP does not actlciva a policy of "harassment" as that practiced with the Statute of Catalonia

The PSOE and the PP have been given an additional week to present its partial amendments to the law proposal on reform of Castilla-La Mancha, according to parliamentary sources, who estimate that the deadline was extended until the 25th. This will be the second occasion in which both parties agree to extend the deadline for registering their statutory amendments to the text Castilian-La Mancha. The first deadline for amendments concluded last November 11, although the Bureau of Congress, at its meeting last Monday, decided to extend it until the day 17. PP and PSOE now again have once again given an additional week.

So far, the two formations have been working on the amendments separately, trying to close ranks among the national and regional directorates. Advanced this process, discussion of the State Budget has advised postponing the bilateral negotiation on this next week. The statutory reform of Castilla-La Mancha, who came to Congress in February 2007, was taken into consideration by the plenary of the Lower House on October 14. The PSOE and the PP, the parties that pushed the project as regional las Cortes, have committed to agreeing amendments for approval in Congress.

For its part, the secretary of the Department of Institutional Relations and Regional Policy, Mar Moreno, said yesterday that if the PP does not practice the policy of "harassment" which launched in front of the Statute of Catalonia, the rest of statutory reforms that are pending Such as those in Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, will be "good".

In an interview, Moreno stressed that it is "difficult" to reach a level of tension such as the one that occurred in that community since the PP "only played at destroying the Statute of Catalonia, because everybody knows who voted in Andalusia or the Balearic Islands articles identical to those that have appealed to the Constitutional Court. "

In this regard, the secretary of Institutional Relations and Regional Policy stated that "as long as the PP does not practice the policy of harassment that made the Statute of Catalonia, all other statutory reform processes will be developed in a normal tone." "I hope that will not be repeated a moment of tension as unjust as it was lived with the Statute of Catalonia", he stressed the federal leader of the PSOE, who noted that at present one of the priorities of the socialists is' close the reforms of the statutes that are still open. "

Furthermore, Moreno explained that the PSOE has set itself the main goal of "harmonizing the double impulse from an autonomous state with a lot of personality and a powerful State that has to remain the basis and support of equality and cohesion of our country ' . "Harmonizing and lubricate relations between the autonomous communities and the Government is our main task," he concluded.

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