Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eight medical societies endorse the vaccine against cervical cancer

Eight medical societies in Seville on Friday endorsed the vaccination against the human papilloma virus, which causes cancer of the uterus, between 9 and 26 years. Health began to manage for the first time this vaccine free of charge from Sept. 15 to all girls with 14 years of Andalusia. The eight groups signed on Friday a scientific paper in Seville in recommending the vaccine against this pathogen because "it is clinically safe, immunogenic and highly effective, offering an almost total protection", according to the document, recalling that "women sexually active that have not been infected by any of the types of human papilloma virus in the vaccine will get the full benefit "after his administration because" the vaccine is not therapeutic. " Hence the importance of starting to vaccinate as Health ago, before the onset of first sexual intercourse, the route of transmission of the virus. The companies are signatories of the Dermatology and Venerology; Gynecology and Obstetrics, Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, Microbiology and Health; Primary Care Physicians, General and Family Physicians; Pediatrics and Vaccinology, which have signed the document with the Spanish Association Against Cancer . "Clinical Evidence". The first objective of this agreement is to "create a single voice" to convey clear and consistent messages about vaccination against this virus, one of the most important and influential developments occurring in the field of cancer prevention in recent years. "As societies we have collected our experience and put on the table this document clinical evidences," the coordinator of the Consensus Document, Dr. Javier Cortez, according to Efe. These medical groups highlighted in the document that "currently ongoing clinical trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine in women up to age 45," and added that "immunity levels detected in these women are similar to those observed in the 16 to 26 years. " The prevalence of HPV in the female population is between 10% and 15% from 30 years worldwide, but with territorial differences. In Spain, the average annual incidence of cervical cancer is between seven and eight cases per hundred thousand women, according to the document signed on Friday in Seville. In Andalusia are diagnosed each year more than 300 new cases of cervical cancer, of which over 120 end up in death. The vaccine will be available in 1492 vaccination points in Spain. Health recommends make an appointment to administer the vaccine, which consists of three doses: the second and third place was a month and six months after the first. In Andalusia, there are currently 45,507 girls who will turn 14 years or have served in 2008.

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