Friday, November 7, 2008

The Foundation Hospital of Calahorra lies in the 'Top 20' among 126 sites evaluated in the area of the nervous system

The hospital has already achieved several calagurritano 'Top 20' in recent years. / I. A. 'TOP 20' Area evaluated: Nervous system. Organizations involved: 126 hospitals in 2007 treated 43,095 episodes of nerve diseases. Analyzed indicators: Quality of care, efficiency in the management of hospitalized for cerebrovascular disease and surgery for a brain tumor. The Foundation Hospital of Calahorra has placed among the hospitals' Top 20 'Area Nervous System. The specialty evaluated included 126 centers in 2007 tried to 43,095 episodes of relevant diseases of the nervous system. Specifically, have been analyzed indicators of quality of care and efficiency in the management of the stays of patients hospitalized for cerebrovascular disease (known as' stroke ') and those undergoing elective surgery for a brain tumor. The participating hospitals were divided into three different levels, depending on the number of cases of both types of disease: cerebrovascular (CVD) and ischemic or hemorrhagic type of medical and surgical treatment, surgical brain tumors. In the case of the Foundation calagurritana has been valued at the level I hospitals, with more than 49 cases of ischemic cerebrovascular disease care. This was the seventh edition of the program in which an appraisal is subjected to specific clinical specialty. In previous years, the areas analyzed were those of orthopedics and traumatology (2002), heart (2003-2006), gastrointestinal surgery (2004), obstetrics (2005) and respiratory (2007). The next call will coincide with the tenth anniversary of the 'Top 20'. Then, there will be a new evaluation approach, targeting specific health problems and adapted to the changes to the national health system in recent years.

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