Saturday, November 15, 2008 "Asturias The group of physicians calls for a casual meeting with the SESP

The group of doctors of any Primary Care Areas Mieres and Aviles had a meeting today with that of Gijon in which they agreed to request an urgent meeting with the Health Service of Asturias to address the situation before the expiry of his contracts. Doctors say that the Ministry intends to hire only a third of the physicians who are currently working.

In the case of doctors in Gijon, yesterday presented letters of decline in employment exchange of Counseling and Health Services, a move that will also take professionals Mieres and Aviles as they fulfill their contracts.

Representatives of workers rejected the version of the Ministry Of that there is no work for all prospective owners to doctors when they are "being forced to watch."

So one of the workers in Mieres, Josue Lazarus, said that while all of Europe recognizes the lack of doctors "the SESP has commissioned a report to say that doctors abound here, something that is by no means true."

In the area of Aviles there are currently 36 doctors casual, 14 of them would cease on November 15, 12 to date of Dec. 31 and the remaining 10 in February. Management know they offer only 18 contracts, "despite the fact that with the 36 recruits there are still consultations spread as in the case of pediatrics," explained Gloria Calvo.

In Aviles professionals have called a strike on an indefinite from the day 17, which is supported by 90% of physicians possible, said Calvo.

In the area of Mieres, there are currently 15 potential and offers counseling contract for only 12. "We have about half of 250 hours and there are colleagues who have done 400 hours," said Lazarus, who considers "illogical" the pretensions of the SESP, so it will not sign any contract.

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