Saturday, November 15, 2008

The waiting list is one of the major problems of our health system,

The annual Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) 2008, prepared by the consulting Swedish Health Consumer Powerhouse in 31 European countries, places medical treatment in Spain below the European average. Specifically, our country took the eighteenth position in terms of patient care.

The EHCI analyzes the information and rights of patients, delays in the administration of treatments, access to drugs, applications for electronic health (e-Health "), and the results, the range and scope of services provided.

At the top of the list includes the Netherlands, whose health gets 839 points. Below are Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg and Sweden. Our country gets only 639 of 1,000 possible points, below countries like Hungary or the Czech Republic.
Suspense in "e-Health"

We get the best scores in the access to drugs, medical outcomes and range of services. Instead, we suspend the waiting time for treatment, which makes the quality of the health system does not improve in "e-Health", and in information and patient rights.

The Minister for Health and Consumer Affairs, Bernat Soria, yesterday gave his opinion on the results of this study during the inauguration of the First Scientific Meeting on Transplantation. He stressed the need for a coordinated effort between state government to improve the health system.

With regard to the poor performance in "e-Health," Soria recalled that the medical history and digital electronic prescriptions, with the pilot test that began in October, mean that "Spain is a leader in Europe in the process"

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