Saturday, November 15, 2008

Campaign early in the day's global diabetes

The president of the College of Pharmacists, Felipe Trigo, near the vocal Office of Pharmacy Council of Colleges of Andalusia, Jose Francisco Rodriguez Crespo, and the provincial secretary of Facua, Jesus Yesa, introduced the campaign at the headquarters group, whose objective focused on prevention to avoid shooting continued prevalence of the disease.

For his part, Rodriguez Crespo noted that the pharmacies offered to conduct a test to check glucose levels in patients and in cases that are high will be notified to go to the doctor. He also said that in all pharmacies, 470 in the whole province and 78 in the capital, leaflets were distributed with recommendations for preventing type 2 diabetes, linked to diet and way of life.

Likewise, Jesus thanked Yesa had been counted Facua for the development of the campaign.

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