Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fifteen days after a complex operation, Diego Jimenez, the first transplant patient of his two arms in Spain

Besides being a pioneering performance-the only precedent was in Germany just six months ago, the intervention had the uniqueness of the area of the cut was at the height of the humerus, which involved the deployment of arms that , In addition to the hands and forearms, elbows have. The patient, said yesterday that found "very good", had suffered the amputation of the limbs after being carbonized because of an electrocution.
The height of the arm that had facilitated the work that speak to the team doctor. Dug said that the nerves and muscles that need to connect in that area "are larger 'than in the case of the wrist or the forearm.
Although the task was not simple. With a unique background, is only relevant precedent for similar interventions made to people who were reintroduced her arms after a traffic accident; few cases that were inconsistent with the current retail.
In the operation, which was extended for eleven hours, the team doctor decided to amputate, for his impairment, the only side that kept the patient. For this reason, the implant is matched in height in both arms, though we had to put a new muscle "by way of biceps."
One year to move their hands
The patient's recovery process is slow and requires a profuse medicalization. The sensitivity will recover gradually, but never in full. In the case of elbows bent to the patient will begin "in weeks". In contrast, not move your hands up 'year and a half. " That's because, he explained dug, you can not establish or extend the nerves, you need to wait for them to grow in a natural way

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