Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Castile and Leon did not have a good perception of public health

Castilla y Leon is, after Madrid, where the community has worsened over the past year the perception of the public health by users. This is reflected in the study of opinion 'Health System', conducted by the Coalition of Citizens with Chronic Diseases and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid School of Statistics, and filed yesterday in Madrid. The community is led by Esperanza Aguirre, according to the authors of the survey, which comes out worse stop, followed by Castilla y Leon, Murcia and Valencia. In the case of Castile and Leon, the analysis shows that most users of Sacyl estimated that the service is equal to or worse than a year ago, while a minority said that has improved. In addition, the Castile and Leon scored from one to ten specific aspects of public health. These are five variables, from waiting lists for operations to access to medicines, which in all cases worst than the average Spanish.

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