Saturday, November 1, 2008

The prosecutor requested 10 years for the ringleaders of the 'case Karlos'

The prosecutor of the Court of Cadiz 1, Juan Bosco Anet, has asked for a sentence of four years and six months in prison for Jose Maria Bell, wife of the bullfighter JesulĂ­n of Tamworth, for his involvement in Operation Karlos fraud on Security Social. The Civil Guard in April 2006 dismantled an organization that sold fraudulent medical reports to bring the disability pension after the illegal payment of up to 24,000 euros. The Public Ministry also asked ten years in prison for each of the two alleged ringleaders of the plot. According to the sources, the trial could be held in May, three years after they uncover a fraud even without quantifying. The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages The prosecutor sought tougher sentences of ten years of imprisonment for the former head of the Local Police in Tamworth, Carlos Carretero, and the medical inspector Team Rating Disabilities Andalusian Health Service (SAS) in Cadiz, Francisco Casto. Both alleged ringleaders, they must respond to the alleged commission of crimes of fraud, false documents and bribing a public official prohibited activities. Carretero get the customers and they demanded money in exchange for providing fraudulent pensions that achieved through the files of incapacity for work that he signed false, in collusion with several more doctors, the officer of SAS Francisco Casto. Finally, they are charged 24 people among those leaders, recipients, middlemen and doctors. Anet devotes a section of the written indictment of nearly three pages to the involvement of Joseph Bell and his mother, Remedios Torres, two of the defendants for whom the prosecutor sought a greater punishment: four years and six months in jail. According to the prosecutor, the broker Jose Luis Lopez, known entrepreneur from Tamworth, was responsible for bringing Carlos Carretero Maria Jose marked with the bell. The objective of the organization was clear: to obtain a disability pension for the mother-in-law's job killer bull, even though it "does not even work." The prosecutor makes it very clear in the document Carretero met with Bell, demanded payment of 18,000 euros and that women's right-footed paid service. Indeed the fertilizer, began urdirse the plan. The first test was to give work to Bell's mother to be able to collect a pension of Social Security, so Carretero, with the consent of the parties, gave Torres in a high number of companies that were controlled by Grupo Financiero real estate Jerez. Already with work, should get a medical leave, which finally facilitated by signing several physicians. Without even seeing the patient alleged, certified that the mother had ailments of Campanario "with a twist of an ankle sprain and vertical." With the sick in his hand that was needed to bring the medical inspector Francisco Casto who was in charge of the case. This matter was resolved by setting at the home of Cadiz Remedios Torres, who actually has residence in Spain. From here, the path was simpler. The doctor said inspector produced a report "with a high disability resulting from hernia cervicobraquialgia by prosecutor." The case came as the provincial branch of the Social Security and a complication arose. Remedios Torres had to prove the ailments he signed Casto for the invalidity and really not suffering. According to describe the prosecutor, Casto, "according to Carretero, the very Remedios Torres and her daughter Maria Jose," Torres decided they would be supplanted by the mother of the couple's sentimental ringleader of the plot Elisa C., who themselves suffered the ailments by which they intended to get disability.

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