Saturday, November 1, 2008

Each year 110 children are born into Balears with an injury in the heart

EDITORIAL. PALMA. Each year 110 children are born into Balears with some kind of injury in the heart, a figure which rises to 4,000 children in the whole state, as evidenced in the V Conference on Congenital Heart Defects. If a few years ago only twenty percent of these children reach adulthood, today this figure exceeds 85 percent of the children intervened. According to experts, the future in the treatment of these diseases is because the diagnoses are growing and more precise, less aggressive interventions and prescription drugs that prevent sequelae in adulthood. Dr. Federico Larraya-Gutierrez, chief of pediatric cardiology of the Hospital de La Paz calls for the creation of multidisciplinary structures in large hospitals for the juvenile to be served in addition to the cardiologist and the surgeon, for other professionals such as psychologists, pedagogues and speech therapists who complete treatment.

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