Saturday, November 1, 2008

The PP requires Mejuto explain how it monitors a doctor's SES is legal

Teresa Angulo. / HOYEl Popular Group, through its spokesperson for Health, Teresa Angulo, yesterday asked the appearance of the minister of Health and Unit, Maria Jesus Mejuto, before the plenary of the Assembly of Extremadura to explain the inspection systems used by the Extremeño Health Service (SES) to check the qualifications of its specialists is legal. The petition of the opposition comes after the National Police have arrested 27 people, including two in Extremadura, by working with title counterfeit medicine, including the mentalist CACEREÑA Cofrade Carlos Santillana. 'Case Santillana' In this case, Angle criticized the Board for having claimed that Santillana has not worked in public schools under the Ministry where, according to the PP, it has done in a residence over the Warkworth which had some of their Concerted squares with the regional administration. Accordingly, the Board should have checked that recruitment being conducted in this center are correct, according to Angulo, for whom the Ministry 'no inspector is exercising that work effectively. " Therefore, the PP requires the appearance of Mejuto before the plenary of the Assembly, to break its "silence" on this matter and explain the procedures for hiring and inspection that the Board develops in the social public schools. Complaint since 2006 The spokesman further pointed out that popular, if confirmed suspicions of medical schools that exist in Extremadura Extremadura more medical specialists who are acting as such despite lacking the appropriate title, they will demand the resignation of the minister. Angulo recalled that the PP leads to denounce this issue since 2006, when it proposed the creation of a commission of inquiry that was rejected by the PSOE and the then Minister of Health, Guillermo Fernandez Vara. Then, the Board argued that the approval of the titles was a competition of the Ministry of Health but, as he stressed the popular deputy, the Ministry itself which is responsible for recruitment of staff. In his view, the information published in recent days on this case are sufficient entity to which Mejuto Maria Jesus "would have to reassure the public and tell the citizens that they can continue to maintain confidence in the system." In their view, their silence with the counselor is helping to create "social alarm". Mejuto responds Councilor for Health and the PP Unit replied that all doctors working in the SES are within the existing legal framework. Moments before delivering the awards XV Literary 'Experience and Life' in Badajoz, Mejuto noted that whether or not to appear in Parliament, wants to make clear that all professionals in the health service are "perfectly trained for the exercise the roles they have to play. " Therefore, conveyed a message of calm to the population because it asserted that there is no cause for alarm about the quality of care received by citizens for all professionals working in the Health Service Extremeño. The adviser stressed further that the Ministry of Health is currently working on a draft royal decree for the approval of qualifications of medical specialists, which, he emphasized, has nothing to do with that physicians who exercise their profession are sufficiently trained to perform such tasks. Believes

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