Friday, November 7, 2008

Health budget will have an "ambitious and balanced '

The advisor of Health, along with senior members of his counseling. / DM BUDGET 2009 Distribution Total budget: 791.4 million. Cántabro Health Service: 755.3 million. Management and health inspection: 16.1 million. Public health: 13.5 million. GS: 6.4 million. Marquis de Valdecilla Foundation: 25.4 million. Truan presents accounts for 2009 amounting to 791.4 million euros 80 million will be allocated to investments for hospitals and health centers The advisor of Health, Luis Truan, accompanied by senior members of his counseling, yesterday presented a budget for 2009 "ambitious and balanced" that combines the austerity at a time of economic crisis. The accounts amount to 791.4 million euros, representing an increase of 4.8% over the current year. There is also the budget for the Foundation Marquis de Valdecilla amounting to 25.4 billion euros. The largest amount, 95.4%, corresponds to Cántabro Health Service (SCS) to 755.3 million, a 5% increase this year. Truan stressed that the Health represents 31.7% of the total budget of the autonomous region, bringing the government "continues to bet on the health of Cantabrians, assigning it to one of every three euros". The accounts allow "continue to provide our services to men and women of Cantabria, to get from day to day health care more accessible, participatory and better," he stressed. The Executive will continue to gamble next year by the policies of health protection, improved user accessibility to the health system, modernization of infrastructure and the training and research. Investment The budget Cántabro Health Service (755.3 million) will be distributed in the training of health personnel, general services, primary care (277.9 million) and Specialty (446.3 million). The main budget goes to personnel costs (365.2 million euros). This figure represents almost half the budget of the SCS in 2009, with 48%. The personal spending rose 4.7% compared to 2008 and a 55.01% compared with 2004. With regard to investments, the game was 42.4 million euros which will be increased to 80 million to 38 million euros of structured finance. A portion of the investment flow will go to the Hospital Valdecilla and the rest to the modernization of the other two hospitals (Laredo and Sierrallana) as well as the completion and commissioning of the new zone emergency health center Santoña, the Dobra and the expansion of the construction of four new clinics in Noja, Villanueva de la Pena, Solorzano and Limpias, in addition to the base of 061, Collie. Luis Truan said that structured finance will enable the completion of construction, installation and implementation of the Three Seas of Reinosa Hospital and Health Centers The Alisal, Tanos, Camargo and Costa Cotolino II. Also made progress which is scheduled the start of construction of new health centers from New Mountain, and Saja Bezana in Cabezon de la Sal.

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