Friday, November 7, 2008

The hospital will have an oncologist

In the morning on the Tuesday ICAL. new oncologist attend to patients until they are fulfilled by the two opposition seats vacantes.Los sick shall be cared for and always by the same m├ędico.Los oncologists who came from Salamanca no longer do so on Tuesday. REFERENCE HERE FOR MORE NEWS AVILA Service Oncology Hospital Our Lady of Sonsoles de Avila will, from next Tuesday, a specialist in the morning to accommodate about 250 patients affected by this disease in the province. The hiring of an oncologist assumed that the physicians of this specialty from Salamanca to Avila cease to move in the afternoon, as well as patients Avila always be served by the same doctor in his hospital. Oncologists coming from Salamanca no longer come martesEl the territorial delegate of the Castilla y Leon, Jose Francisco Sanchez, announced that the new oncologist, "with experience and capability" will join the exclusive Avila hospital next Tuesday, and will work in the daytime. As to the formula of this recruitment specialist-contract or any interim regime, the delegate of the Board did not provide details noting that "it is to be determined" and will "which is legally possible and can safeguard the care of patients. " Oncologists Salamanca cease to come Thus, the three oncologists from Salamanca to take turns since last week to move consultation and give treatment to patients at the Hospital of Our Lady Sonsoles continue doing just tomorrow and next Monday. The new oncologist will respond to patients until they cover the two new seats vacantesEl oncologist attend to patients until they are filled two vacancies in this specialty by offering public employment and convened by the Castilla y Leon, "a except to find other improvements from next week. " After empathizing with patients and their families and apologize for the "inconvenience" caused in recent days, Sanchez said that the main objective of the Government Autonomy is "to ensure health care for patients of Oncology", which will continue to work in the filling of vacancies and "having the highest number of oncologists as possible."

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