Friday, November 7, 2008

The pressure of migration requires the Board to expand places in juvenile homes

The Administration showed contrary to increase resources for the 'effect called' Equality confirms that causes the growth of spending in 2009 but qualifies to be a "transfer" of childre 0 comments 0 votes of the Board's intention to reunite with their families to young Moroccans that protects your system continues paralyzed after year and a half of the commitment expressed by Morocco to facilitate the assisted return. The children continue to arrive, by boat, underneath the truck, boat, premeditated travel with their parents and even presented at the door of a protection center claiming that the Board take over their maintenance. The response of the Board, through Micaela Navarro, counselor for Equality and Social Welfare, has always been blunt: you can not go by enabling unlimited resources, because by word of mouth children know the news and raise their expectations that the pilgrimage to a successful end. The draft budget for 2009 reflects however that within the higher and better resources of the child protection system, next year is expected "expansion of places in schools for the protection of minors consequence of the phenomenon of foreign children unaccompanied. " At present, Spain has 2783 seats for all children, since they do not distinguish between nationals and foreigners. Of these, the proportion of immigrant children has been increasing year after year since 2005, when the avalanche of child migration to the limit to overwhelm the resources of federal, state that led to the request for assistance to the Government and the European Union. The presence of foreign children, 90% of Moroccan origin, which led to juvenile homes that were to be kept open and close the Manuel de Falla in Jerez and that many of these facilities were fully occupied by children in other countries. The protection of these children, guardianship, which corresponds to the Board, involves a daily expenditure of public money of 113 euros in protection and accommodation for each child, Navarro said in December last year, which represent some 41 million euros a year only in immigrant children. How many seats will be increased in 2009 and how much spending will amount? Sources from the Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare said that next year the "expansion" of places that collect budgets is not such, but it is a "transfer" of children. Has been so disproportionately the arrival of minors since 2005, many of them, an amount that is determined by the Board, had to be treated in "emergency arrangements". The Board has reached in recent years to enable facilities to provide immediate coverage to immigrant children, from old boiling shellfish in the port of Almeria units at universities. In 2009, the same sources say, these children will "stabilize" the situation and will be integrated into the network resources of the Board. "It was derived from a portion of the device attention to another," exhibit. This "transfer" of children causes an increase in spending that should be reflected in the budget, though not yet quantified. These children will now receive a more specialized care to occupy a place in a residential center of attention and this leads to higher spending, explained from the Board, that estimated for next year the same seats for the current financial year. However, the same sources added that would increase the number of places in places where the arrival of children demands. A few thousand foreigners are minors under the guardianship of the Board. The programs allow them to leave care to live with a family who request it in advance. If they continue in places, when they turn 18 can be incorporated into a specific plan that guides and supports them in seeking a job. These programs will enhance your game in 2009.

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