Friday, November 7, 2008

The Hospital is multiplied by three smaller size

GUADALAJARA. The new Hospital in Guadalajara and search company that built it. The Official Journal of the European Communities on Wednesday published the notice on the tender leaves to the construction of which is undoubtedly the most ambitious project investor in the recent history of the city: a performance that will exceed 150 million euros, and that will mean in practice that the surface of the current health center will multiply by three. More than an expansion, they are building brand new center, because the new buildings will join the current ones, and these in turn will be refurbished to complete a comprehensive action. The bill was introduced yesterday by the Minister of Health of the Board, Fernando Lamata, and explained by the architects responsible for its development, and Alfonso Bethlehem Casares. Given the fact that Alfonso Casares also designed the current Hospital, inaugurated ago quarter of a century. The adviser was afraid to give dates: Hopes that the adjudication process will allow the works to begin in the spring of 2009, and that Sunderland are in the early months of 2013. The specification establishes a time limit for completion in 44 months. In large numbers, action will mean that the built-up area of primary health center in the province will be multiplied by more than triple from 53,000 to 164,000 square meters. At the time, with the increase in physical space, will also improve significantly the capabilities and operational assistance. So, will shift from the current 410 beds to 771, with 73% of single rooms. Of these, 603 beds will be for revenues of more than one day, and 168 hospitalizations for a single day. As for consultations, will be expanded from the current 98 to 251, with 159 offices of consulting firms and 92 functional constituencies. More operating rooms It also will increase the capacity of the surgical center with the creation of a new bloc with 19 operating rooms (there are currently 11), with 16 scheduled for urgent action and three ambulatory surgery. Other improvements will be a new bloc obstetrical-gynecological and a new emergency service with an area of 6,500 square meters, four times more than the current one. There will also be a new pediatric ICU and will be introduced for the first time a service of Nuclear Medicine. The project is conceived as a cutting-edge hospital, fully upgraded, and also provides a complete remodeling of the entrances to the center and the actual movement of vehicles. The construction of a parking lot that also multiplied by three seats available, and will provide the Hospital for a Hospital Patient (for patients in remote areas of the province that do not require continuous care) and even a nursery for the children of workers. It also will build a building to house the School of Nursing, which will be located, in addition, the heliport. The architect Bethlehem Casares also explained that the work will be implemented according to a plan that will seek to avoid the most discomfort in the operation of the Hospital. Thus, the first will run the new buildings of enlargement (a phase of about 25 months), then almost the entire hospital will be moved to this area, and eventually carried out the work of remodeling existing buildings (other 18 months of work). The hospital eventually will offer a uniform appearance without visible what is old and what new construction. In addition, both areas will remain united, so that the corridors of existing internal movement will continue towards enlargement.

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