Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quiros: "Do not give up a health system for future Asturias'

The counselor and Health Services of the Principality, José Ramón Quirós said yesterday in statements to New Spain that the government is part of that is not willing to "renounce the health system in future we want for Asturias." Quiros believes that "a company must be able to decide what to do with their employees and where to place them." In this way responded to the last chapter of open confrontation between the administration and doctors Asturian by the model of primary care reform proposal from the Ministry.

At the joint communique of the College of Physicians and three of the four scientific societies, the Housing Society of Family and Community Medicine (Smafyc), the Spanish Society of General Physicians (SEMG) and the Housing Association of Pediatric Primary Care (AAPAP) - in the Quiros accusing of being responsible for the "tense and demotivating health" now joins the intention of any of the doctors' erased from the bag job or go on strike, if not renewing all the contracts .

"While not physically be erased, any remain in the employment exchange," said Quiros. The adviser assured that "the system account with them because they are highly trained people", but that 'any undertaking, we should hire professionals who are needed at each moment. " "Every primary care management has done its calculations, and the result are the contracts being offered, one year," he emphasized. "The SESP hires them as necessary care provided, which apply both to doctors and other staff. I understand that this creates a tension, but I know that in Oviedo and Siero all have signed their new contracts and there will be no strike, "footnote.

As for the new health scheme, Quiros admitted that "it is very difficult to explain to a working mother why there is no pediatrics in the afternoon," and said that "the model must change: it is not permissible that has a waiting list in primary care ' . In his view, the plan "derailed" when put on the table the issue of watches. "By law, have to be done," explains the Counselor, "and even in previous agreements signed by the SIMPA states that the guards will be carried out preferably by the primary care team. And that is when it appears the conflict, to raise the hours from eight to eight, and routine care in the evenings, a change from usual hours of a doctor who ended at three. "

The departure of Juan-Ignacio Rodriguez Arias Palomo of the Ministry does not, according to Quirós, "immediate changes", although it left the door open to a "reorganization" if Alvarez Areces still with him. "It is a social need medical care in the evenings, both in Paedriatric as general medicine, and it's something that, thinking of the citizens, we are not going to resign," stressed Quiros

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