Sunday, November 16, 2008

Notaries today to elect its board of directors for the regional school

The College of Notaries of Castilla-La Mancha will kick off today with the holding of elections for the election of its board of directors that will be the first of this organization. And is that with the new rules, schools notary of Spain are to be adjusted to the territorial space of the autonomous communities. Therefore, until now the College of Notaries Albacete and Murcia (which also included a notary of Ciudad Real and Cuenca), must adjust to this new territorial division. With this, the province of Murcia disassociating itself from the current College of Albacete to create a very consistent with the scope of its single-autonomy, while Castilla-La Mancha today holding elections to elect the board of directors that will govern the regional College.
One of the issues to be cleared if Albacete will remain the headquarters of the Colegio Notarial de Castilla-La Mancha, from its flagship building of the Broad Street or not. It will be a general meeting, which should convene prior to the effect that the board of directors today results from the polls to decide on the question of where to house the future headquarters of the Colegio Notarial de Castilla-La Mancha.
For the elections to be held today have been presented two lists, both headed by women, the notary Maria Paz Canales Bedoya of the College of Notaries of Ciudad Real, and the notary Palmira Delgado of Tokomaru (Cuenca).
The current Dean of the College of Notaries of Murcia and Albacete, Antonio Perales, who has been in the past six years, has chosen not to submit any list or be integrated into either of the two nominations in what it terms "a voluntary decision '.
Perales believes that the seat should stay in Albacete 'for obvious reasons "among argued that the infrastructure of the flagship building, organizational and personnel, among others," a particular view' own.

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