Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tabacosis: a new concept

The appearance on the social scene of the "rapid consumption of cigarettes" just a little more than 50 years' has high prevalence of the disease, "says Jesus Sanz, head of Respiratory Medicine of Hospital General de Ciudad Real. But, you know the whole world what is COPD? The Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (separately) is assessing the possibility of this disease called pulmonary tabacosis and considers its present name "inappropriate and ineffective." According to its president, Julio Ancochea, "it is a disservice to society by hiding the disease after an acronym difficult to understand."

Since the Smoking Cessation Unit of the hospital complex, its head, Javier Lazaro, agrees: "In most underdeveloped countries can occur for other reasons, like the smoke from wood stoves, but in our environment in 95% cases of COPD is a direct consequence of snuff. "

As we carry of the year, a total of 286 people have passed through the unit to submit to its aid program and say goodbye to cigarettes. And it is that, regardless of the will, it is often necessary to provide the resources addicted to face a life without snuff. Since the service was put into operation in February 2004, and nearly 1,800 are people who have requested support for leaving behind a habit that kills 55,000 people a year in our country. Of these, approximately one in three have managed to leave, according to data from the evaluation made by this unit in support of primary and specialist physicians.

Spain is currently the head of Europe in smoking among adolescents and among the world's top women. According to the latest available data from the National Health Survey 2007, in Spain smokes 27.1% of the adult population. The percentage of male smokers is higher than that of women (32.2% versus 22.1%). However, from experience, the coordinator of the Smoking Cessation Unit of the hospital complex in the capital, whose slashing the waiting list for four weeks, says that it "is seeing this year that the rate of men and women who smoke is equalizing. "

main cause. Dr. Sanz shared the opinion of the separating, as well as his partner Javier Lazaro, and ensures that "society must be aware that snuff was the main cause of chronic bronchitis, only 10% of those who suffer from COPD have not smoked, but it has been by passive smoking, environmental pollution or viral processes poorly cured. " "When you talk of COPD, few people know what that means. It's best to call tabacosis or chronic bronchitis, "he argues in this regard.

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