Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Brotherhood of Local Blood Donors account with 6,000 active partners

The Brotherhood of Blood Donors Puertollano currently 6,000 active donors, said Santiago de Tera, chairman of the group within the I Days On Grant, technical and ethical aspects of the donation of blood and body, organized by the brotherhood, which is being developed at the center of University Studies of Puertollano on days 14 and Nov. 15. And the president is that the number of donors is nothing but a "demonstration of the solidarity of puertollanenses."

Also in Tera stressed that last year took place in the city about 1,500 blood donations and so far this year nearly reached the 1,300, as reported by a number that the president is increasing every year "due to high awareness among the population ".

On the other hand, reported that Tera to highlight the importance of donations, brotherhood information campaigns carried out each year in different schools in Puertollano, Argamasilla de Calatrava and Almodovar del Campo.

But if any deficiency is the brotherhood is the mobile unit of blood collection, which already has nine years ago, but only works as a vehicle for transfer to the brotherhood. The president hopes that will soon be able to launch this service, which will enable the extractions can be done outside the hospital.

These days I have a regional character and they are participating health professionals, students of the University of Castilla-La Mancha and students of middle and top grade. Among the papers being developed stresses imparted by the director of the Blood Centers of the Community of Madrid, Luz Barbolla, as well as Eloy Sancho, Chief of General Surgery Hospital Santa Barbara, whose paper addressed the rejection of the administration of blood products by the Jehovah's Witnesses.

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