Sunday, November 16, 2008

The transport situation hinders the assessment of the tourists on Cadiz

The fate Cadiz gets the lowest average score of Andalusia with a 6.7 despite the high score that gave the visitors bed and the beaches

The transport situation hinders the assessment of the tourists on Cadiz
JAM. Image of a retention of traffic in the CA-33, known as the Curve Torregorda, between Cadiz and San Fernando. / O. CH.
Tourists have become more critical of the province. The latest survey of the Tourism Board shows that public transport and access to Cadiz to leave the queue in terms of valuation of the visitors. That was the main criticism made by the respondents for the delay of the train and bus lines and the lack of taxis, an aspect which scored a 5.4. Despite this bad note, the tourists who went to the province highlighted with 7.6 accommodation and a 7.7 beaches, which got the second best score after Almeria.

The poll, conducted by the Statistical Institute of Andalusia (IEA), said as the provinces most valued to Seville and Cordoba in the third quarter of 2008 with notes that go beyond the remarkable high, while the province of Cadiz stays at the bottom with as a 6.7 overall score.

The crisis did not affect too much the average expenditure of tourists, ceased to be about 57.46 euros while on holiday in Spain, only four euros less than in the previous quarter. Thus, those who spent most were foreigners, with an average of 65 euros per person per day, and the most watched his pocket were the visitors coming from somewhere in the region, with an average of 51.23 euros.

People who were approached Jaen spent the most money with an average of 79.63 euros, while those who traveled to Huelva were the least likely did so with an average expenditure of 47.15 euros. Cadiz is located halfway with a daily expenditure of 58.65 euros. As for the average time of stay, the result was more than 11 days, an average that exceeded the provinces of Cadiz and Granada.

During the third quarter of 2008, slightly more than nine million tourists tourists arrived in the region, 2.8% less than in the same period of last year, of which 30.6% came from somewhere in Spain. Overnight stays are stable. 57.3% of visitors stayed in hotels, despite the decline this summer, while 34.2% used an apartment, villa or apartment for a vacation. In addition, 6.2% of visitors chose the campsite and 2.3% went for a hostel or other accommodation.

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