Saturday, November 15, 2008

Güemes recognizes the problem of staff shortages in hospitals in the region

The advisor of Health, Juan Jose Güemes, acknowledged yesterday the staffing problems, especially in specialties such as gynecology, and progressed to be a public offer of employment. According to the adviser, later this year will increase the staffing of the new hospital to complete the scheduled number of professionals, while "taking into account the constraints and the lack shortage of professionals in Spain."

Güemes made these statements during the presentation of activity data from the new hospital, after being asked about the allegation that the hospital's gynecologists Henares made on the shortage of doctors in the middle and the risks it entailed.

In this regard, the counselor of Health explained that the reinforcement of emergency services requires the service of obstetrics to make at least two guards a week, it announced that it will increase the staffing of gynecology and obstetrics at the hospitals that have shown that in very few months have reached the activity that other hospitals have achieved after years of operation. "

Although qualified that increased staffing will be general in all the services of the hospital. "It will give an intensification of the process of completing the templates programmed by the end of the year, with the limitations we have of scarcity and lack of professionals in Spain as a whole," said Güemes.

To achieve this goal, the counselor of Health appealed to the agreement reached this week with unions in the majority in the field of health and the forecasts call for a tender offer for Employment (OPE) specialist, "which will help attract more professionals from other places Spain, particularly in the specialties of more shortages. "

In particular, this first OPE, as explained Güemes, will focus on the specialties where there is shortage of professionals, such as obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, radiology and anesthesiology

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